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Welcome to the website of Dalton Buddy James.  Dalton or “Buddy” as he is known among family and friends, is a self taught artist who has been drawing since childhood and with the encouragement of family members and friends has continued to create art.

Since showing his art publicly for the first time around 1999, Dalton has been humbled by having his artwork presented in various forms, from conference/department logos, artshow poster art and magazine article graphics to illustrations for a children’s language word book.

Dalton is a member of the Hopi tribe and a member of the Tobacco clan from the Village of Hotevilla located in northeastern Arizona.  Dalton hopes to use his art to communicate with those familiar with and those just discovering the Hopi culture.

Dalton lives in New Mexico with his wife Charmaine and their fur ball kids, Chaco (we miss you….2006-2019)  and Maya, Blondie, Daisy and our “little man” Roscoe.

Feel free to contact us, we would be happy to hear from you.

Artist Bio and Career Info (Coming Soon)

Artist Statement (Coming Soon)

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