Cloud and Seed Prayers

Elemental designs of “seeds” both in the ground and falling from the sky.


Greeting Everyone,

I guess 2020 is still at it.  I sold this piece during the virtual Santa Fe Indian Market to a collector in the Albuquerque, NM area and shipped it via USPS.  Apparently the person delivering the mail dropped it off at a location a few doors down from the address written on the package and the person(s) living there deny receiving a package.  So keep an eye out for this original painting.  While it may not seem much as a 8″x10″ painting it was going to a good home (meaning it spoke to the person who purchased it) and not just a random person.  Please let me know if you happen to see it so I can bring it home. Thanks, Dalton

There are a few more that may have been in a binder that may have been in a bin that was stolen when I did the Totah Festival in Farmington, NM in 2019.  I will post these when I gather the images.

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